People put off dentistry due to time, fear and cost but the greatest of these is cost.

 This dental bible is dedicated to getting you AFFORDABLE DENTISTRY giving you smile that you have always wanted at the best possible prices. It reveals hidden secrets that can potentially save you $1000s by putting the power back in your hands.

There are about 200 cost saving measures that you can customize to your circumstances including how to get affordable dentistry from as little as $20 / week!

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“I‘ve been asked this question many times over four decades as a dentist.

The fact is many people put off dentistry due to time, fear and cost but the greatest of these is cost.  

That’s why I decided to write a book showing you 200 Ways to Slash Dental Bills.

Dr Jamie Harris


Great book tips to slash your dental bills.

Use your super fund
In circumstances where you are under financial duress, you can utilise your superfund to get money out for health issues. Read more…

$26 / week dentistry

What stops people having good teeth and gums? It all boils down to three things: Time, Fear and Cost.

The greatest of these is Cost, so this section will focus on helping you get the dentistry you need in a way that will fit your budget. 

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