There are quite a lot of tooth whitening options. But before you think about the options, remember that it is good to try to avoid staining your teeth with tea, coffee, smoking, curries, red wine, etc.

If you have just had your teeth whitened then it is especially important to avoid these to prevent undoing all the good work.

Before commencing treatment, please ask a dentist if you are a suitable candidate to have whitening done in the first place.

E.g. if you have sensitive teeth or receding gums then you may be unsuitable as whitening in these cases may actually make your teeth even more sensitive.

Tooth whitening can be done in the chair using concentrated lights such as Zoom or as a home care kit or as a combination of both.

Some in chair teeth whitening systems can look great for a couple of days as they desiccate or dry out the enamel crystals making the teeth look whiter quickly. As the tooth crystals rehydrate you may return to your original colour, so if you are going this way make sure you also get home use trays so you can do touch ups at home.

Whitening with chair systems usually takes about an hour and is more costly. Be careful as some in chair systems also use UV lights which some studies have linked to cancer.

Home tooth whitening kits use very thin trays with Hydrogen Peroxide or Hydrogen Carbamide whitening solutions. Each has three different strengths and obviously the stronger the solution then the more rapid the teeth whitening. However, it is illegal for anyone, including dentists, to supply home kits greater than 5 % strength. This is the cheapest and often the most reliable way to whiten your teeth. (Dentists can use much higher levels with their clinics thus whitening teeth quicker)