Before we look at the potential to get Free braces, let’s look at the different types of braces.  Straightening teeth can be done several ways and you need to get advice on what is best for your situation. Here are some general tips for you.

Most expensive to least costly ways to straighten teeth are:

  • Lingual or palatal braces
  • Invisalign
  • Normal braces with porcelain brackets
  • Normal braces with metal brackets
  • Braces just dealing with anterior teeth – sometimes called 6 month braces
  • Compromised orthodontics – Sometimes you can get a compromised result done rather than full arch braces e.g. just do one arch or just do front teeth top and bottom i.e. anterior teeth and not back ones.
  • Orthodontic plates
  • Interceptive guards can be used in some circumstances at an early age to prevent the need for braces later.

A good general dentist with expertise in this area can save you plenty of money compared to a specialist. Very complex cases are however best done by a specialist orthodontist.

You can cut costs by using metal rather than porcelain or tooth coloured brackets.

Sometimes you can build up teeth with conservative dentistry achieving a result not requiring orthodontics.

Free braces
To see how you may be able to get free braces, please check out this link: This organisation offers free orthodontic services to low income families.

Another low-cost option
This is a service coming to Australia, which is worth a look at. Just be sure to check out any inherent problems of quantity control and issues of responsibility if something goes wrong.