What stops people having good teeth and gums?

It all boils down to three things:

Time, Fear and Cost.

The greatest of these is Cost, but if you can afford a daily cup of coffee, you can afford really great teeth!

You can do this by using payment plans and I am going to recommend one dental finance company that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

With this company $26 per week will allow you to access $5000 worth of dentistry which is way above what most people will need to get their mouth into a ship shape condition. Once done it takes next to nothing to maintain your mouth through homecare and regular check-ups.

You can find them at

The good thing is if you need less than this amount to be done you can always take the $5,000 then repay the amount you don’t need to use the next week or at the end of treatment if necessary. Better still pay for your regular cleans and check-ups at a fixed price for years in advance!

Why do I recommend this particular dental finance company?

1) They allow payment periods of up to 7 years, making repayments low and affordable to everyone.

 E.g. If a dentist told you that you needed $5000 worth of dentistry, you would probably walk away and not do anything.

However, if you were asked if $26 a week would fit into your budget, you would most likely proceed. This is where TLC can help you.

2) Any MBS or Private Health rebates can be added straight back onto the payment plan at no charge so you can pay it off faster, with little to no exit or early payout fees.

3) This is to my knowledge the only company who provides Dental and Medical funding up to $5,000 for pure Centrelink income earners.

Such as:

  • Single Parent
  • Carer
  • Disability

Centrelink can deduct the payments from the recipient payments internally.

This is therefore a huge benefit as now 90% plus people can access dentistry using payment plans today, meaning they won’t need to be queuing up for years waiting to be treated at public clinics. NB Can’t do New Start, single mums.

4) Did you know that 55% of Australians don’t have Private Health Insurance?* This makes people turn away from getting things done but TLC removes that hurdle as the weekly amounts are quickly accessible as well as affordable by everyone.

*Source: APRA, Quarterly Private Health Insurance Statistics (Feb 2018)

5) No upfront deposit is required.

6) You can access from $2,000 to $50,000 for dental, medical and cosmetic procedures.

There is a quick 30 second application process with a easy credit check with a short approval time. Once the application is approved, the funds are transferred into your account within 6 hours and you are ready to go.

If you require immediate treatment they even have a ‘bat’ phone line & a TLC Consultant can complete the application over the phone, and you will then get prioritized & can be approved same day!

7) Set-up fees and interest rates (where applicable) are very reasonable, starting with a very low rate of 7.5% for good credit scores.

8) TLC is a good and ethical company and is Australian-owned, with a great CEO Tim Boon.

You might want to look at other dental finance options, but through my own research TLC is the standout.

Whichever dental finance option you select, please make sure that you contact the company for terms and conditions as these may change from time to time. Also check that the practice you want to go to offers the option you want before starting treatment.